Verizon V3c, new, need help setting up. (I provide detailed info)

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    Ok. Hello, I'm a newb, so please excuse my newness.

    I got a V3c the other day because I heard Verizon disabled the MPT ability to transfer ringtones. Well, I went with the C because my roommate has one.

    Heres the scoop. I just want to be able to transfer my mp3s as a ring tones at this point. That is ALL. My Roomie said I can do this using only MPT and not having to flash his phone. He did it just fine. He has Journey and Zelda on his phone as ringers.

    My problem is this. Is there a master checklist prepared that I havent found that determines wheather my phone will work. I will write down what think will help out the most.

    ESN - 1B1E9EFC
    TECHNOLOGY - duel 800/1900 CDMA 1X-EVDO
    S/W VERSION - GATW_01.15.04
    PRL VERSION - 50567
    BROWSER INFO - openwave 6.2.3
    SID - NAM:95 CURRENT:95
    CHANNEL - Band:850/1900 Channel: 242
    BREW INFO: Ver:3.1.2 ID:8083

    Motorola Phone Tools: This I got off a torrent, but the version is 4.0

    Well, from here. Is there a guide that goes step by step for what I need. If I cant get it to work, I'll take the dam thing back and get an E815. Get 100 bucks back, but will be worth it if someone out there can help. Thanks alot, look forward to hearing something.