VCD Playing Problems :(

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Draco_Blood_, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. Draco_Blood_

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    Guys, when I try to play VCD's that i download, when I play them , all i get for video is green and sratchy sounds, I've tried formatting :D , got newer drviers, tried ALL the dvd and vcd players, power dvd, win dvd, the whole works is there any special codecs i need to get?? :(
    This happens with ALL the VCD's i get :( no expections, same output every single time, any suggestions?
  2. djmgyx

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    A vcd is another form of a MPG, or AVI, which means they will require different codec to view them properly. Go here ( for more info on codec and how to play vcds on your system and on your dvd player
  3. Draco_Blood_

    Draco_Blood_ Guest

    I tried using power dvd and everything. same thing :(
    this is on ALL vcds that i download

    is it an XP problem?
  4. Jahya

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    what kind of video card do you have? and do you have any other video related problems?

    what format are the files in? bin/cue? if so, are you burning them or using an emulator?
  5. Draco_Blood_

    Draco_Blood_ Guest

    gf2mx400, and no other video problems :)

    and yeah bin/cue, and i'm burning then with nero 5.5.X.X
  6. Burpster

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    i've had that prob acouple times myself ...mainly with SVCD never have figured out the prob... i've burnt some and they play fine??

    colour me puzzled :)
  7. Draco_Blood_

    Draco_Blood_ Guest

    ya it really sucks, I wanna see all these movies :( I wonder if anyone has ever found a solution for our problem?
  8. Jahya

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    well, I don't know of anything that will help you then, unless there is a problem with Nero converting them in the burn process, but this seems unlikely if it is every single one you burn that goes to s@!t. Maybe try to get some of the VCD and SVCD plugins for Nero......

    You can also....

    Try downloading Daemon tools and see if the VCDs work for you under DVD drive emulation. All you need to do is download Daemon Tools 3.26, install it then right click on the icon in the tray, mount image, and find the cue file for the vcd you wanna watch, then use PowerDVD or whatever to actually play the file. Once you install the virtual drive(s), you may need to switch your DVD player settings to check the new virtual drive.
  9. Zodiaq

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    Draco_blood....I found this fix over at It has worked for some but not everyone...worth a shot.

    1. First run regedit and find the branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\MCI Extensions

    2. Then goto EDIT then NEW then String Value

    3. Add a String Value name "dat" (no quote marks) and Value data "MPEGVideo" (again no quote marks)

    Or you could convert the .dat to .mpeg using VCDgear or VCDeasy...a little more time involved.

    Seems a lot of people have had this ongoing problem. I just stick to burning good old DVD's myself ;)
  10. djmgyx

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    How Ironic this is the same issues I'm now having on my component Orition dvd player. There is a fix for the green scarchy issue on the link i gave you before as well as the one by Zodiaq (same site), but you gotta kinda hunt aroudn for it. I fixed mine form that site, but i doubt the method I used will work with yours simply becasue I'm using a dvd player and not a software program