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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by HipHopFaze, May 20, 2002.

  1. HipHopFaze

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    I was wondering if anyone knows how to add a registry tweak so that whenever i insert a VCD, a VCD icon (similar to how DVD icon appears in my DVD drive) would show up...

    if anyone knows how to do this, help me out

    thanks in advance, peace
  2. DeepBlade

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    i duno the answer
    but i wanna add a question related to it
    is there a registry tweak or just plainly a program that auto runs vcd's when u insert them so that if there's vcd menu, it'll show that too?
  3. LPDad

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    With regard to the second post question

    WinDVD can be set up so that it will automatically play vcds, DVDs and svcds when they are inserted.

    As far as the menus go I do not know and won't give you a bs answer.
  4. HipHopFaze

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    thanks for not posting a bs answer...

    well i have windvd and i have it set to automatically play VCDs and SVCDs

    do you know of any way that i can use the way WinDVD recognizes (S)VCDs to do what i need?