v3m and h500 headset....won't work???

Discussion in 'Portable Devices & Gadgets' started by brad96stanggt, Jul 26, 2006.

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    So my V3C died and they sent me a VCM as a replacement....kick ass. So far I hacked it for data transfers and thats it. The phone works great otherwise.

    When I purchased my V3C I baught the bluetooth kit thingy....I got a Moto-h500 headset. It worked fine with my V3C.....

    I cannot get thing to pair with my V3M for the life of me? Does anyone have instructions on how to do it? I am almost positive I am doing it right, but just in case? Is the headset compatable with the phone? What could be wrong?? The phone just never finds the device.

    edit: I found instructions.....trying them now. I also restarted the phone.

    edit: trash this post, thanks anyway......I wasn't holding the button on the headset for 8 full seconds.