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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by ElementalDragon, Feb 17, 2006.

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    ok... here's the deal...... (for those who don't know yet) i got tired of all the dust, and all the noise that the mesh side panels on my case were letting in (in the case of the dust) and letting out (in the case of the noise). so, i bought two sheets of 1/4" acrylic to slap in the sides.... and it looks quite good (still have some minor things to do here and there yet, but as a whole it's pretty much done). Also bought some UV cathode's to put in the case to make my power supply cables glow, as well as apparently just about anything else that's white inside my case. Then, i started thinking that now the side panels look a tad too plain.... so i was thinkin about doing somethin about it. Does anybody know of any good quality UV Reactive paint that i can put on the acrylic side window that dries clear, and glows fairly brightly when the UV lights are turned on?