µTorrent 1.3 released

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    Full changelist:
    - Feature: UNICODE!
    - Feature: Added option to enable/disable internal tracker.
    - Feature: Detect encoding field in a torrent and parse filenames accordingly.
    - Feature: Support crashdumps on pre-WinXp.
    - Feature: Added option to sort downloads based on the label.
    - Feature: Autodetect if the language textfile is utf8 or ansi.
    - Feature: Rate limit DHT traffic.
    - Feature: Nicer availability graph.
    - Feature: Added setting to control how fast utorrent tries to connect to new peers.
    - Change: Increase the amount of connects a bit.
    - Fix: Error message in tray would sometimes not go away
    - Fix: Don't count a seed as a download if there are free seed slots (#68)
    - Fix: Change random port selection
    - Fix: Upload a little bit more aggressively
    - Fix: ulslots wasn't saved properly on restart.
    - Fix: Support piecesize 16k.
    - Fix: Use atomic movefile when saving resume file on XP
    - Fix: Better utorrent.exe.log if translation loading fails
    - Fix: Fix bug that DHT got stuck in (Login)
    - Fix: Fixed some crash bugs. (Thanks to the crash dumps)
    - Fix: Hopefully worked around the file open crash. (Caused by Adobe Acrobat 7).
    - Fix: Fix crash bug if an invalid filename is selected in the opendialog.
    - Fix: Fix crash when removing torrents.
    - Fix: Fix sorting in pieces tab

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    Awesome !!!!