ut2k4 gfx problem

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by apu95, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. apu95

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    i got the demo yesterday and it ran decently. i say decently cuz i was running at max everything in the assault level. i updated my drivers to the most recent catalysts and now i cant get gameplay. as u can see from the picture, everything is screwed up. the settings for the game are turned down and the 9600xt's settings are placed in the balanced setting.
    anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

  2. vern

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    Off the top of my head ...your problem could be drivers or hardware. With my older 9600 Pro card, I constantly had crashes and/or artifacts. I was thinking it was due to not enough cooling or the PS couldn't supply it enough power. I gave the card to my younger sister, upgraded the PS, and it's working fine.
  3. CrazyBoyS

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    Did you install the newest ATI drivers? Alot of people are still loving the 4.1's mabye install that one and it should fix you problem. I have a 9800 pro and it runs smooth as ice :)
  4. Fenris

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    You should switch to the 4.2s CrazyBoy. When I went from the 4.1s to 4.2s on my 9800 pro I got an added 15fps went from went from 60 to 70fps up to 80 to 90fps and there weren’t any problems with the drivers that I saw.

    As for Apu's problem all I can suggest is going back to the 4.2 drivers I uninstalled the demo since the game is coming soon I figured I can wait for the full version so not sure if the 4.3s are causing the problem or not.