UT2003 - why am I so useless??

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Mubbers, Nov 7, 2002.

  1. Mubbers

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    OK so I'm leaving myself open here but I'd appreciate some help!!

    I played UT2003 for the first time online today and got totally goosed!

    Game speed is not an issue as I'm getting low pings w/ ADSL.
    I thought I was reasonably good at this kinda thing as I've played RTCW online (dial up too) with good results.

    However this game (2 different servers) went something like this....

    Mubber spawns, gets shot, dies. Repeat several time.

    Mubbers finds enemy blasts 'em - they don't die.

    At one point this Nefertiti character walked right up to me while I was hosing her with the mini-gun and shot me dead with one shot! She had no shield and I had 100% health :mad:

    This happened again and again and again - I just don't understand :confused:

    I killed a few in the games but I can't work out how I can get wiped on a partial hit from the flak gun at long range when not managing to kill a character despite pumping f**k knows how much of the link gun beam into them.


    Mubbers <sulking>
  2. Geffy

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    urmm, try practicin on bots first, and slowly turn them up to Adept, once you get there you are prob on par with quite a few of the online gamers. Also remember that they have prob been playin for ages have loads of adrenaline and if they got Green + signs comin off them then they are usin the booster powerup and can take a bit more killin
  3. Mubbers

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    Nope no one had the boosters on! I pretty much realised that my skills were not up to par but a bullet's a bullet right?

    Anyway must dash - got my fragging practice at five :)

  4. Sazar

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    Between Austin and Tampa
    there might just be some hacking going on for all you know lol..

    but anyways... kill the bots first and then blame the people :)
  5. Electronic Punk

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    Zoom Instgib .... pwn hax l33t.
  6. Mubbers

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    exqueeze me EP? :confused:

    Que passe sprechenzie englischa si voux plait?

  7. Mubbers

    Mubbers Shoot! Political User

    I is Grendel-[ABZ]. I play better now with practice :D


  8. Nick M

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    That's an awsome comback there Mubs :)
  9. xsivforce

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    Texas, USA
    Let's play some UT sometime.
  10. Leo

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    If they were using the rocket laucher,they can load up to three rockets and kill you with one single shot !
    The minigun is all right, but u shouldn't depend on it because if the player got a lot of health,let's say up to 199, is going to be really hard for u to kill him/her.
    About the lag, i also run DSL and sometimes i get lag too ! Try tweaking your video settings if u don't have a good video card or just look for another server.

    Never stand around trying to fire a perfect shot.

    Do not camp, they will shot u in the head ! Of course u can get some kills out of the deal but nobody like campers, unless u playing CT.

    Once they come towards you, DOT NOT PANIC ! Confront then with everything u got ! If u dont have anything, RUN, speacially if u have the translocator!

    Watch your back, they can sneak up on u, sometimes you are going to find yourself walking backwards!

    Always look for health, adrenaline and those blue things (Forgot what they called). Sometimes u can get up to 199 in health wich is going to help u a lot !

    Always check your ammo, u don't want to run out when u need it most.

    Learn how to dodge(tap to the side twice to avoid enemy fire), jump and double jump. It's going to help u climb and reach high grounds.

    My favorite gun is the ROcket Launcher, so i think u should make it yours as well because if you hold the fire button until it loads three rockets and then u release and aim it at a player, u can do a lot of damage and sometimes kill him/her!

    Ever wondered what to do when u reach 100 in adrenalines??

    Invisible: Right,Right,Left,Left =>You will be invisible but they can still kill you.

    Speed : Forward (4X) => A Short burst of speed that could help u run or catch up to someone.

    Booster(Defense): Back(4) =>Generates health for a short time

    Berserk: Forward(2x),Back(2x) => Shoot more quickly

    In UT2003 online, i haven't seen any cheats before but i know there are cheats for the single player mode !
    Those guys that are killing u they are just really good. I got my ass kicked a lot so don't give up ! You are going to get good at it ! It just takes time.

    Good luck and hope to see u around in one of those servers.
    My nick is xxx:-Killer-:xxx.

  11. _DM_

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    learn the secret moves like wall jump, double tap doudge, etc...
  12. Mubbers

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    wayhey - 1st win!!!

    Well I know it's only a small game but I won!!!



  13. dabomb

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    i 0wn j00 all :p
  14. TheBlueRaja

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    The best thing to do in UT is simply never to stop moving/dodging/jumping, and keep away from the walls as much as possible.

    Also, learn the maps, remember where the health is, where the power-ups appear and also where you can get some tasty shields.

    Its the only way, heed my advice, otherwise - be prepared - cause im gonna get ya....


  15. Mubbers

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    Sound advice, unfortunately (for me that is) MrFurious has gotten me already, however the absentee Shaddowman has recently fallen into the fire - on home ground too!!!!! :p


    Mubbers aka MrGrendel