UT2003 Not Out Until 3rd Quarter 2002

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Manc, Jul 13, 2002.

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    Just seen this over at Blues News http://www.bluesnews.com/

    UT2003 Q32002 [2:42 PM EDT (Blue) July 12, 2002] - 22 Comments *
    Infogrames sent along the latest edition of their product release schedule. Everything on the slate seems pretty much as it was before, with one noteworthy exception. Unreal Tournament 2003, which had previously been expected sometime this summer, is now listed as a 3rd Quarter 2002 release.

    What a pisser..... :mad:
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    Who cares if its delayed. Im glad it is.

    When a company delays a game or something it makes it more exciting and there is a reason why it is delayed.

    Half life was crap and no fun at all when it first came out. The problems was all sorted with patches and its safe to say its still the best game ever.

    I can only think UT2003 is delayed to make the game better. I wouldn't mind if it came out next year if it has no bugs, and was a superb game to play!

    Who wants a half finished game? Not me thats for sure

    I bet noone here will disagree with me.

  4. poo poo wit doo doo
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    checked it out at planet unreal and infogames is still shooting
    for the end of Sept. according to the post there.
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    Kezzas, ditto....

    no bugs for me please

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    Well i'll be damned!
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    prolly setting myself up for a flame but I never liked any of the unreal games where all that great.....
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    Each to his own m8...

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    America's Army gives them the opportunity to extensively test the netcode etc.

    It's gonna be sweet when it's out..
    Just gotta get around that those beta builds aren't gonna be like the final demo.
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    Yea, I'm actually damn happy they decided to do this, I received my beta of build 927 in the mail last saturday, and it's got a gta3 feel to it from the start, had to disable all special visuals, run at 640x480 (though it has the extra small rezs like UT), and it's still a bit choppy, even after configuring a couple more options in the prefs. But I'll definitely say this, it's playable, and enjoyable, been playing it online mostly on my friend's server, single-player seems a bit interesting, but I'll probably be sticking to instant-action if anything else.
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    BETA 927

    Beta 927 is very old m8. (although thats the latest i have, :( )
    They would have sorted the problems with it by now!