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Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by srhodes, Jan 11, 2002.

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    Just installed XP yesterday. So far I have an all kinds of driver problems, network card, scanner, cd-rw, etc. All are fixed. Then I go to enjoy a game of UT and oh no. An error!!!!!!!! Game will not play in full screen mode.
    ANY HELP?? I downloaded what I thought was the right driver, but XP won't recognize it. Driver there now is Microsoft Windows XP Publisher, Version 5.1.2001, 6/6/2001.
    Thanks and Frag on!!!!!!!!!
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    I used to have that problem when I had my VooDoo 3...I don't know where you downloaded the drivers from, but I fixed mine by getting them from Windows Update. I was surprised as all hell that they actually had drivers for my old card. But they worked. :) Hope that helps.

  3. LPDad

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    I have the same card as you.

    I solved all of the game problems to date with a 3rd party driver.

    I got it from voodoo files, but I originally followed this link:

    There are several to choose from. Try them out and see which one works for you. Btw, Ignore the XP message about unsigned drivers. These work great.

    I plan to update my video card AFTER I get my AthlonXP 2000 :D
  4. srhodes

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    I tried the Voodoo 3 driver from that web site, but got horrible color quality and couldn't fix it. Had to go back to MS driver. Is there any particular folder you sould save the driver to when you download?
    Any other suggestions.
    This is started to annoy me
  5. LPDad

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    There were several drivers at that site.

    did you try any others -- or just one of them??

    anyway you can also get the best 3rd pty drivers here:
  6. UniSol

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    3DFX is unsupported now, MS just ring u the basic drivers, D3D, no GLIDE, openGL.

    I used the HOE drivers from voodoofiles.com and Win2000 Tools, got it running max fps with WickedGL in Counter-Strike.:D