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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by romanrules14, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. romanrules14

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    i got ut 2003 and i got a problem with it a can only play spectator can some one help?
  2. RobbieSan

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    do you have the patch installed?
  3. you have the dodgy downloaded version don't you? Your thinking it's the full thing, but it's not. You can play some levels but others you can only spectate.

    Play the demo and wait for the full thing!
  4. romanrules14

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    well can i get link to patch ? (if its not the dome patch) yes a have the full version i reintsalled it it works on all lvl but i dont want to reinstall it every time it craches
  5. You can't have the full version because its not out (is it?). Are you on about the demo???

    here for patches
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    the patchis for a differnt build and i still have the problem i so a post on one of the web sites and it had a fix but at that time istill did not have ut 2003 any ideas where u could find a fix?
  7. You do realise this is warez realated don't?

    I am right in thinking that UT2003 isn't even out in America or anything yet?
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  10. Back Up

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    familiarize with it

    it's the bomb! unbelievable graphics.
    start a single player game and when you start ghosting(spectate) click your right click on the mouse and you can start your fragfest. practice alot and get ready for the ut2003 online game.
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    The Netherlands

    ...And now in REAL English.... And please use dots and comma's, it is very hard (=impossible) to read...
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    ~no warez is allowed on this website/forums... by posting here you are agreeing that you have read forum guidelines... this is an official warning... repeat violations will get you banned...~

    forum guidelines http://www.xp-erience.org/forum/showthread.php?threadid=15979

    btw sharing of files even if you BUY IT is against copyright rules... therefore in a manner of speaking it would be warezing mate...
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    if you have 2 cd ver of ut 2003 then you're 1 cd short of the
    official and NOT yet realased ver! don't know what you're trying to play ,but it's not what you think!
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    There was a leaked version on two CD's that originated on the developers site, the beta release by accident. However, it runs less well and glossy than the demo that is out now, which btw is fsking sweet :d

    Nailing on resources though :(