UT 2003 issue

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by SaintKaden, Jul 22, 2002.

  1. SaintKaden

    SaintKaden Guest

    uhmm .... does anyone here play this game cuz I installed it and it wont let me play, all I do is spectate the map endlessly.

    any ideas why this happens.

    pleez...thanks! ;)
  2. Bman

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    Ottawa, Ontario
    maybe there is a special key you gotta hit to join !
  3. ste_w

    ste_w Moderator

    Are you guys on about the demo or the game? cos i didnt even know the demo or the full game was out yet?

    if its the demo whered u get it from?


  4. fitfella29

    fitfella29 Guest

    yeah let us know.
  5. SaintKaden

    SaintKaden Guest

    well I got the demo, but I can't remember where I downloaded it from...

    uhmm I got it to work but now I notice the karma ingine doesnt work! Damn.
  6. GT2000

    GT2000 Guest

    There's a build (927) of the full version leaked out and about, but it shows why they delayed the retail release of it.

    Try hitting up IRC, should find it there.
  7. huFFamOOse

    huFFamOOse Guest

    Try turn off any joystick settings, i think my shoot was bound to joystick on 1st play.

    SaintKaden - Karma engine wasn't in the leaked demo but was in leaked full... I noticed bugger all really.

    For all those who are confussed NO THE GAME ISN'T OUT YET NOR THE DEMO, we're talking about the leaked ones :¬f
  8. SaintKaden

    SaintKaden Guest

    well the one I got is that 927 build, I guess I shouldn't consider it a demo and if it is, then it's the largest I've ever seen... I've heard of a 967 rumor but I dont't beleive it.

    U say the karma is built into the 927 build though?
  9. razor_ro

    razor_ro OSNN Addict

    Follow these steps...

    Right after you install the game go to the C:\UT2003\SYSTEM\ directory and delete the UT2003.ini and USER.ini (i think thats what they are called) there are 2 patches, copy over the 15 day trial patch over to the specified directory, you can also copy over the MULTIplayer patch over but that disables the KARMA enginebut you can play online, so make a backup of the other one, when you wanna play online just copy it over and make a backup of the other one..... but for single player KARMA engine rocks, then when you run the game press tab and go to CONSOLE then type "preferences" and you can tweak the s&*% out of it, then your set..... it needs a hell of a system to get 60fps avg tho......g'luck

  10. SaintKaden

    SaintKaden Guest

    :| wow thanx alot razor it worked... my system performs great sofar...

    now as far the multiplayer patch is concerned, I understand that you can host your own games but not join online servers is this correct? I patched the file and i twont connect me to any servers online.

    thanx for any input! ;)
  11. razor_ro

    razor_ro OSNN Addict

    get MIRC

    if you want servers get MIRC (www.mirc.com) join an EFNET server and go to #UT2003, they have a website with servers that you can join, lets say a servers name is "www.ut2003.net" you would go to CONSOLE in the game and type "open www.ut2003.net" and it will connect automatically, i havent set up a server yet so i wouldnt know anything about seting one up... glad it worked, later

  12. FoSsiL

    FoSsiL Guest

    hey i playing ut2003 and there is a lot of slow down, so much that i cant even play. i even tried setting the detail low and it still get slow down. i have a pentium 4 2ghz, geforce 2 mx400 and 2.5gig of free space in my hard drive, so what can be the problem guys?
  13. dijital

    dijital Guest

    i agree with catch, its your video card. your gf2 wont cut it for any games to come out from this point onwards.
  14. FoSsiL

    FoSsiL Guest

    Damn! cant play high end games no more =(. anyone selling their video card?=)
  15. GraveLayer

    GraveLayer Guest

    I double click and get this screen shot. I am still getting the rest of the files so this is ONLY with the 1st ut2003.part01.rar
    What is acrocat.exe!?
  16. GraveLayer

    GraveLayer Guest


    Again I don't have all the files downloaded yet but should that matter?
  17. loque

    loque Guest

    My Geforce2 Ti rocks in this game
    must be the DDR Ram
  18. GraveLayer

    GraveLayer Guest

    All is well. It was a file association problem! :)
    Now I need to find these two patches that Razor_ro is talking about!
    I need multiplayer! :)
  19. razor_ro

    razor_ro OSNN Addict

    get mirc.....

    follow my steps in my previous post and it should work.... :D

  20. xsk8zerox

    xsk8zerox Moderator

    no warez read the forum guidlines