UT 2003 Gripes

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by craigmack, Jun 22, 2002.

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    The characters on the two teams are too similiar. In UT you could decypher the guy on your team and the guy on the other team. Here it looks very much alike. Also the new sniper gun, the "Super Zoomable Sniping Lightning Gun" Is sooo crappy. Headshots are luck, and due to the fact that it takes the gun a whole second to load the lightning charge it defeats the purpose of a sniping gun, snipers are quick and movable and this gun is just a zoomable shock rifle when it comes down to it. The weapons are too similiar looking, in UT it was easy to tell the difference between them, you really have to look @ the weapon closely to find out. Also the rocket launcher is only 3 rockets @ a time? c'mon guys it looks like the old 8-ball shooter from Unreal. The 2nd shoot functions are crappy too. I have a 64 MB gfx card and a p3 733 and it runs slowass. This game looks good, but I hope by telling them whats up itll be even better. Keep up the good work boys. And put in Face III into the game..Tha Faces is what keeps 'em! But i realize that this is like an unauthorized beta i have downloaded, so hopefully these probs will b fixed up by release time. Respond 2 this if u got any questions about the game or whatever, because i have the full game.. .99 GB of it.
  2. Where'd u get it from! :D
    (hehe my first post and I'm asking for warez! So hi by the way! :))

    Eh, I'm just impatient... I've already pre-ordered the thing anyway! :)
  3. oh, and from what I've read on the forums, a lot of that stuff IS going to be fixed (Mark Reign commented on the lightning gun headshots, and game performance).

    As for the other stuff... eh, I'm sure I could get used to it if the game is as awesome as the hype :)