Using ramdrive to store internet cache

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Daedalus, Jul 18, 2002.

  1. Daedalus

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    Just a few questions regarding using a ramdrive (AR Soft RAM Disk) to store temporary internet files:

    Firstly, what would be the memory requirement to achieve this?

    I have 512MB DDR RAM at the moment, what should I set the drive size to, is that even enough RAM to support this & maintain enough RAM to run all my games/apps?

    Would I have to keep re-signing into sites like the Xp-erience forums everytime I reboot my computer?

    You guys have helped me out loads before, and I trust your judgement..:D

    Thanks in advance....
  2. allan

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    You determine the overhead. A ramdrive is created from ram. If you have 512 meg and you decide to have a 100 meg ramdrive, then you leave yourself with 412 meg useful ram, etc.

    Unless you store your cookies on the ramdrive, you will not need to sign in each time - but unless you have a huge, datacentric application I think you'll find a ram disk is pretty useless considering the speed of today's processors and ram. We used them extensively in the old days of DOS to keep our tsr's at the ready.
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    be careful if you use the RAMdrive for d/l files.. if the file is larger than teh RAMdrive it will partially d/l only.. overall I did find RAMdrive to speed up Internet activity though...
  4. djmorgan

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    I have been using a 30 meg ram drive for some time now, only for the IE temp internet files.

    It does speed up your internet, it does offer security in that the index.dat file is destroyed on each boot and if you use a download manager the size has no bearing on file sizes.

    Personnally I think it is a good use of memory and disk efficiency.
  5. i thought the ram was erased only if there is a memory dump, power loss, or you held the power button down for 10 seconds (memory dump).
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    do you have a link where u can d'load from?:)
  7. djmorgan

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    Ramdrive is destroyed on every boot obviously as it's non volitile ram no power no data! it is created a fresh on each windows start.

    There is a ram disk in the download section of xp-erience and MS also has free ramdisk, I have a commercial variation called ramdisk XP Pro, but they all provide the same basic functions.
  8. but there is still constant power to the MB when the computer reboots. That's how wake-on-lan works and, if I'm not mistaken, is how Office XP recovers lost documents in a system crash.
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  10. dejav00

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    nope, WOL works because it (basically) links the NIC to the wire on your power supply that gets the signal from the power button to turn on.

    Office XP recovers lost documents because it saves them automatically in a dynamic temporary file.
  11. freightgod

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    Aren't cookies stored in the Temp. Internet Files folder? How can I put my temp internet files on ramdisk and cookies on hard drive so I don't have to keep signing in to websites like this one?
  12. NetRyder

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    No, they are stored in two separate folders.

    Xteq X-setup has an option to set the folders for Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.