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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sondgerothja, Jul 6, 2002.

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    My wife and I use the same computer. The only problem is that she frequently changes the resolution down to 800x600. This makes me have to manually re-set it to my commonly used 1280x960:confused:. Is there any way or possibly a program to allow this to change when either of us log on? Could something or some kind of script be but in the "startup" group?

    If I helps, I have a TNT2 M64 video card with the latest Detonator drivers.

    Any help or ideas is GREATLY appreciated.
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    can't remember what its callled but in system tray you should be able to activate a little thingy that has the different resolutions... right click and select and there you go... my borther has the same card as you and his wife does that too...

    I have a radeon and I have an ati startcenter thingy... which I have now turned off... but it does the same thing... right click and select the resolution... saves you doing it the long way...

    if you want a script to dbl-click to get that res change... I dunno how to do it...

    alternatively... make your wife use the magnifier if she can't see at yer res :) save you having to change back up all the time...

  3. sondgerothja

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    Tried that method before, it's just as annoying to me. Don't like how it shows EVERY singe possible combination of resolutions/colors either.....Thanks for the reply though.
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    Just a thought:

    Is the reason she changes the resolution is because the icons or text is too small?

    If this IS the case, might I suggest adjusting the icon and/or text size in her login? That way, you can both use the same resolution, it will just look like she is using a lower one.
  5. sondgerothja

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    Good idea, we're gonna try that one soon. I'd still love to find a program or script to do it, but this would be a good temporary fix. Thanks