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    need to transfer files from win98 computer to win xp home computer using direct cable connection. have ethernet cards in both machines and have a ethernet crossover cable. no networking experience. old machine has scsi hard disks and new one using serial ata. help will be greatly appreciated.
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    You will need to set the IPs for each machine and a network share on at least one.

    Start>Settings>Control Panel>Network. Select TCP/IP and click properties. Select the IP Address tab, select Specify an IP.... Enter an IP such as and, subnet mask for both is Hit OK on each window.

    Start>Control Panel>Network Connection

    Right click Local Area Conection and select properties. Select TCP/IP and click Properties. Select Use the following IP Address, enter an IP and subnet above (IPs must be different, subnet is the same). Hit OK on each window.

    Network Shares
    In order to send the files across at least one machine must have a network share. On the WinXP machine create a temp folder somewhere to put all the files. Right click and select Sharing, enable sharing, give it a name and allow network users to change files (write access).

    Since I don’t use simple file sharing I can’t really give specific steps in this part, I have a general idea of what needs to be done.

    Accessing the Share
    On the Win98 machine: Start>Run and type \\compname or \\ipaddress of the Winxp machine, double click the share and drag or copy/paste the files/folders.
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    if you have problems accessing the shares, activate the 'guest' account on your XP machine :)
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    Admiral's instructions were pretty thorough, so not much to add. One thing I've found useful after changing the IPs in winXP is to go back in Network Neighborhood (or Network Places) properties (right click to get these, and then right click on the interface) and disable, then re-enable the network interface.

    XP doesn't require a reboot (ala win95 style) after changing the IPs, but I've run into a few instances (albeit not always) where not re-enabling the interface, things weren't quite right.

    On rarer instances (we're changing the network config in the networking lab all the time, practically for every class period or more) where things still didn't go right we had to clear the comps routing table and arp cache. Given it's just 2 PCs (and there is no default gateway), I seriously doubt this latter bit would be a consideration for you, and anyhow usually isn't for us...