using 2 sound cards

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Lithium, Jan 4, 2003.

  1. Lithium

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    has it.... can it be done id like to run a soundblaster 5.1 and a phillips 5.1 sound cards i record and this is the cheapest way to get more tracks per buck well any input would be nice
  2. Lithium

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    hmm looks like im goin to have to test this out and let you guys know whats up then
  3. Duke Zootin

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    Yes, you can run multiple sound cards in a PC.

    There is a limitation:

    If both cards are the same, the drivers have to support multiple cards. Sound Blaster brand of cards, for example, don't.

    What's that Phillips card, is it the 5.1 ?? Check the chip labeling on the card and compare it to your SB 5.1. I'm thinking that the Phillips could really be a SB 5.1 (based on the EMU chip) but I don't really know for sure. There's not alot of info around on the Phillips card since the distibutor is out of biz and those things are being liquidated cheap, with little to no support. You'll have to check that out. If it's really a rebadged SB, depending on the drivers, it might work, but probably not. If it's a different chip on the Phillips then on the SB 5.1 then it should work just fine.

    From the sounds of it you are doing DAW on your system. There's a small chance you might have to move things around slightly to prevent dropouts or on either card. Load up 4 tracks and crank 'er up. If the sound studders or drops out on any track, try one of the cards in another slot. Get them both as far away from the video card and recheck it.

    It might take a little tweaking, but it's usually pretty easy. I've even seen setups with 4 sound cards in them !!

    Good luck,
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    I currently run a SB Audigy with my old SB Live! Value

    Instead of installing all the software and crap, just use the drivers that are on the CD's... saves a crap load of space (who uses the creative play centre pfffttt)

    I use the Live! purely for WinAMp and any other musicly related crap and they're plugged into some Headphones and the Audigy for gaming and movies.
  5. Un4gIvEn1

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    I was running two cards, both SB512s... as long as the program you are using support them both then what you are trying to do is doable. I was using it to mix MP3s with PCDJ Red. Pretty neat
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    well i tryed running 2 soundblaster live 5.1's and windows doesnt like that at all kept rebooting lol so ill have to find somthing that doesnt use the same drivers