Users pictures don´t display on top of Start Panel, any help??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by JoelXP, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. JoelXP

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    I use Windows XP Home Edition, but the user account´s pictures
    don´t display on top of the Start up panel as they should do
    (only displays the name of the user). I think there is something
    wrong with the installation of the system, some files are
    changed or my installation CD have some files missing, I don´t
    know. The wellcome screen is also disabled and I cannot switch
    automatically between users.
    All the rest of the program works fine.
    Is there a way to force the system to display the user picture
    on top of the Start panel by changing something in the registry,
    or modifying any files, or using a program to tweak it ??
    Thanks in advance for any help!!.

  2. Geffy

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    Click Start-> Control Panel, then open User Accounts.
    Choose the option to "Change the Way User Log on" and click the Use Welcome Screen box. If it is already ticked then untick it, press Apply or OK or whatever and then do it again ticking the box. This should turn on the welcome screen.

    Question. Are the pictures for the users shown when you open "User Accounts" from the Control Panel.

    It is also possible that enabledin the Welcome Screen might fix that problem as well.