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    I dont know if this should go here or in the computer security section so if its the wrong place can a mod please move it? thanks

    Back to topic, I have 4 users on my computer (3 Admins and 1 limited). The 3 admins are 2 regular and one is the main. Im only going to talk about one regular admin.

    I want to be able to block the control panel from the limited user and from the admin. Is it possible to block it from both or only from the limited?
    If its not possible to block it on the admin account, is there any way that I can enable installing programs from a limited account?

    Thanks in advance
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  4. Thanks Enyo, I found what I needed on that link.
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    I have found that if you edit that users Start Menu..taking out access to Control Panel & My Computer, you can limit them.
  6. that doesnt do much, you can just go to start-run and type control.exe to get to control panel.

    Anyway, I used that 1st Security Center program and it slowed my computer down a lot so I got rid of it. For now, I disabled some things in control panel through group policy so they cant change anything until I find another program.
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