user corrupted : how to import user profile?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by martin14041, Jan 17, 2002.

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    Here is my problem. I boot with XP and suddenly, I get the message "Cannot load user profile, I might be corrupted" or something like that, so a temp profile is created and I don't have my bookmarks etc. As far as I know, my only option was to create a new user, and copy my bookmarks, my documents, quick lauch etc., which is a bitch cause you can't really copy, for example, your cookies (import/export in IE 6 won't work cause XP won't load the profile so I can export the cookies), so now I have to re-enter a BUNCH of user id/password when on the internet (some I barely remember, like for this forum for example...)

    Is there a way to create a user based on another user. Maybe if I create a user and can import the setting of that corrupted user, I could get all my cookies back (and other stuff too that I won't have to worry about).

    Ideas anyone?
  2. jw50

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    Have you tried using the restore option to see if that would resolve the user profile problem?
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    login as an adminstrator, make a copy of the corrupted profile and delete all the profiles that are related to it ( not the copy)

    Than logout and login as the one with the problems, a new profile
    is created, restore the the things you want ( icons on your desktop, your bookmarks) from the old profile and that should work.

    As jw 50 said, you can use the restore option, but make a copy of your old proflie, maybe the restore is older than your recent bookmarks

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    Restore button doesn't work, I tried. Also tried to copy the user directly in document and setting (copy the folder of the user), it is copying the corrupted files. I tried with the control panel;system;advance tab, where you can copy a user on another user, but it won't do it cause it is corrupted. So I created a new user, copied the bookmarks and personal folder etc, couldn't bring the cookies to the new user. So be it.

    thx u all
  5. martin14041

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    ***I solved my profile problem. If you go in document and setting/YOUR USER HERE/ and you right click on any of the files, you will get the option to share this file (it is only a tab in the properties of the file), you can move that file to the all user/shared document, so you will no longer have to worry about the situation where your user profile get corrupted, like what happened to me.