user can't access file from secure folder after it is moved to open folder?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by TallCowboy0614, Jan 27, 2005.

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    Hi all, newbie here, hopefully this is the correct forum for this question. My issues is summarized here, hopefully in enough detail to provide background, but not too much to bore... *L*

    I have two folders on my SQL2003 server.
    I also have a user that must access/run jobs in one of them.

    The first directory/folder is secured so that the user cannot access it at all. Not even read access.

    The second directory, the user has all permissions to (though it is not shared) except "Full Control". He needs to be able to read, execute, delete, and write to files in this directory.

    Trouble I am seeing is that when I transfer files from the secure directory into the "open" one, he still is not able to access the files there.

    I initially was lead by research to show that the files copied from the secure directory into the open one still had permissions on them that were apparently inherited from the secure directory.
    Thinking I had found the problem, I went to the "open" directory and for that user's permissions, set them to full permissions. When I right-click on one of the copied folders from the secured directory, it shows effective permissions that prevent access to the new file (shaded, leading me to think they are inherited permissions). I have already set the user's permissions (special permissions) to override any inherited permissions, but still they only seem to apply to files in the directory at the time I do the override.

    Is there a way to disregard inherited permissions on the files copied into the open directory from the secure one, without having to manually do it after every file is copied over?

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    Sounds like basic NTFS permissions. If you copy a file within the same partition it retains it's permissions. If you move a file within the same partition it inherits the permissions of the new folder. If you copy that file to another partition it inherits the permission of the new folder. If this is the problem, you need to put the two folders on separate partitions or move the files to the new folder on the same partition.