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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by uabv2, Aug 23, 2002.

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    In win98, I was able to set up user accounts which where completely separate. ie. changes made by one user did not effect the others.

    Now I have winxp, desktop themes etc are able to be changed however the desktop icons and start menu change through all users when one of the users installs a game or deletes an Icon.

    Is there any adjustments I can make in policies etc to change this??

    I have four user accounts (my family)

    I am running WinXp Pro

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    Go to C:\Documents and Settings. There you will find special folders for each user's desktop and startmenu and the corresponding folders for AllUsers. If you wish someting only to be displayed for a special user, drag it from the AllUsers- to the userfolder.
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    Thanks Yoyo

    Will users then be able to make changes to their own start menu and desktop without affesting the others?

    The method you described seems to only let me alter them for particular users.