USB problems after power outage

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    Okay. so im going on vacation soon and i got a new laptop..wanted to put my music on my laptop so i thought id use my ipod as a place to put the musin on then transfer it on my laptop. So i got 10g of music and it would take a good hour to transfer all the music to my ipod. So i started transfering and 10 min later, the power went off...checked to see if my ipod worked, it did. so im like, eh, no problems day i load up my computer and i noticed my wireless keyboard lights blinked....and that was i loaded up ventrilo (game-speak program) and put my usb headset on and i noticed like every 10min or so, someone would be talking then blank..for 2 secounds...then it would go back to the next time, i notice the headset and the usb wireless keyboard lights like shut off then come back up. i already updated all the drivers, theres no problems in my "device manager" yea, im stuck :S

    thanks, sal

    wow...a quick restart fixed
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