USB Joystick and CDROM detection

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by dotbatman, Jun 18, 2002.

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    I am trying to help out a friend with their computer. They bought an IBM 300GL (ya, I know) which comes with two USB ports and two IDE channels. There are two physical disks and two CD drives. The two physical disks are on one channel, the cdr/oms on the other. I have noticed that when the computer is booted with a USB joystick plugged in, the BIOS does not recognize the CD drives at all, but if the machine is powered down and the joystick is removed, the BIOS sees all drives OK. I have checked the IBM website, but I can't seen any related topics.

    One other thing I noticed is that when the computer is booted with the joystick plugged in, the IBM logo, which appears at startup, seems to hang for about 30 seconds as if the BIOS is confused, but I cannot find any settings in the BIOS that would help, except to perhaps disable the USB.

    Has anyone ever seen something like this before?

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    It looks as though the BIOS is trying to regulate the USB controller. Most older mobo's do this. See if you can find a bios update. That should fix your problem.

    This started when Windows 95 OS2 came out, in which mobos came with USB controllers that were controlled via the bios. Now, the bios simply lets the OS do it.
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    I'll try that out. The computer is pretty new (within last 12 months), but I wouldn't be surprised if IBM was behind a bit ;)