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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by conn2, Dec 28, 2001.

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    When my XP box boots, it detects a new USB peripherical which is "USB host to host Bridge"
    but I can't find any driver to solve the problem (my XP Box crashes when running the most recent 4in1 driver downloaded from MSI Web site)
    in the otherhand, if I ignore the message, anything work fine..

    My configuration: Windows XP on MSI KT 266 Pro Motheboard (Via chipset) with Athlon 1, 2Ghz

    I think it is an issue related to MSI KT 266 Pro Motherboard drivers for Windows XP
    Has any one experienced the same problem and finds any solution ?

    Thanks for reply
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  3. conn2

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    I've downloaded and isntalled
    Drivers 4in1 v4.37 and 74 for USB

    What I can say now:
    - No difference before installing 74 and after ( The same request "USB host to host bridge" is launches at each reboot)

    - Big diffrence: the driver 4in1 does crash my XP box (just after installing Via 4in1 driver)

    Perharps, Via experienced some delay to provide available USB driver for Windows XP ?
  4. Conn2,

    This thing to which you are refering is most likely the USB PCtoPC adapter. I have the same on my K7T266 ProR box, and I never installed the drivers because they need an extra software router if you run hi speed internet. My two boxes (K7T266 ProR and K7T266 Pro2RU) are networked thru my switch so Ive never needed PCtoPC via USB. Anyways, you should run the driver installer for PCtoPC from the MSI disk. This should work for you, I did it a while back. My real problem is my inability to find USB 2.0 drivers for my Pro2RU. Anyone help me?
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    Thanks and link for USB 2.0 driver

    Thanks a lot: Your answer seems quite correct
    However, I din't need PC2PC USB driver too ( I am networking thru Dlink PCI etnernet boards)

    concerning your USB 2.0 driver issue, Try this link (on MSI website)

    The USB 2.0 driver is to be used with Bios v3.3.
    It is likely compatible with Window XP but I don't find this issue related anywhere. To be checked before installing..

    Good luck AMDdoolbooter...
  6. Conn,

    Thanks to you to! Ill shoot on by that site and lookat what I kin see. Have you ever tried to run Hi Performance defaults on your MSI? I set my BIOS to hi perf defaults, changed boot order to suit my machine and it runs great! MSI made a darned nice MOBO here.