USB front case connection problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Leo154, Nov 29, 2002.

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    I'm not sure how I can connect the Front USB ports in my case to the motherboard...

    The wire that came with the case is coloured and the motherboard doesn't have any colours.

    So can someone please tell me what colour goes to what connection??


    VCC ; GND
    D1- : NC
    D1+ : D2+
    NC : D2-
    GND : VCC
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    The header on your motherboard should have 2 rows of pins, 4 on top, 5 on the bottom, with the missing pin in the top row on the left hand side.

    The colored wires coming from the case should be Red, White, Green, and Black (sometimes with a second Black). Connect the wires such:

    top: missing pin, black, green, white, red
    bottom: (2nd black), black, green, white, red.
  3. Leo154

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    Okay.. read my above post and see the colours coming out of my case.

    Actually the connections looks like this

    xxx x
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    what kinda mobo do you have?
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    on my hardcano it tells me on the connectors which go where for front USB....did you check them???