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    I brought my computer box back to Greece by plane taking with me only the hard drives. When I reconnected the hard drives and I booted the pc, it couldn't load anything. It reads the ide connections and then reboots. Sometimes, the screen with the start up options (safe, normal etc.) is appeared but when I select normal startup, it reboots again. When I try the safe mode the system reboots when it loads the "mup.sys". I used the XP CD but it cannot even 'read' it. With the milllenium start-up disk, when I select any of the options the pc reboots. After the reboot, most times all the leds work together, but the screen is on the stand-by mode and i have to switch the power supply off( reboot button doesn't work).A few days before I sent the pc, when it was switched it on it stopped responding after the ide screen( only the green led on) and I had to reboot it twice (!) before I saw the 'start up mode' screen and selected the normal startup and then it was working properly!
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    it sounds like the pc isn't reading the boot sector on your primary drive ... try reinstalling your hard drives again ... make sure the settings on the hard disks haven't been changed ... that the jumpers on the backs are properly set to master and slave if on the same circuit or both at master if on different ones ... then make sure your ide cables are properly ... and firmly ... attached at both ends and that you have the hard drives installed exactly as you had them before.

    hope that works
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    i remember telling me mate the basics of building a computer, and he built his old 300mhz amd up again for a server pc. he had same situation, all leds working together. i went to his house and pretty much rebuilt it, took cables for data and power out, reseated the RAM and put the cables back in. works a dream now. worth a thought...