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    What is Urban Terror?
    Urban Terror is a realism based "total conversion mod" for Quake III Arena. Urban Terror is a completely free add-on to id Software's Quake III Arena.

    With the release of 4.0 came a stand-alone version which means you no longer need Quake 3 in order to play. It uses ioQ3 and anti-cheat is in the works with Battle Eye. There's a number of servers available to play with the io/BE version and the majority of the community have switched to this version. There's a few leagues that still support this game. Q3UT.STA-League.org, Teamwarfare.com and Clanbase.com (Euro).

    The most active gamemodes are Capture the Flag, Team Survivor & Bomb Mode... there's Free For All, Team Deathmatch, Capture & Hold and Follow The Leader available.

    The community isn't very large but there's still a number of 'loyal' & active followers plus a number of new-comers since the stand-alone release.

    If you get bored, check it out.

    URL: http://www.urbanterror.net
    Forums: http://www.forums.urbanterror.net
    Videos: http://www.stickam.com/viewMovieGallery.do?uId=173996791
    Screenshots: http://www.urbanterror.net/e107_plugins/autogallery/autogallery.php
    IRC: #UrbanTerror on irc.enterthegame.com
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    hey krom, looks like a cool game, give us a revue and make sure you cross link your revue to their forum...try to get them here to give us some cheats and tricks
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    it's a pretty good game... i've been playing it for years (not so much lately, bf2's to blame)

    the only bad thing about the new release (for old players only) is that the dev team dropped some classic maps, otherwise is cool