UPS Tab not Visable In Power Options

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SSE, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. SSE

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    I am running XP Pro and attempted to configure my APC UPS but the APM and UPS tabs do not show up in the Power options settings in control panel, :( any Ideas.

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    Check to see if UPS is disabled in services.
    Go Start>Control panel>Administrative tools>services...scroll down to Uninterruptable power supply and see if disabled. If it is, start it.

    I also thought I saw something about this somewhere else...I'll do a search.

  3. SSE

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    Already did that but the service won't start, I get "Error 2: The system could not find the specified file"
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    I have also noticed this problem (I am running an APC UPS). There is no need for this tab if you are running a program such as APC PowerChute since this program controls the shutdown times, and other operations when the power goes out.

    Like I said, there is no need for this tab if you are running power management software such as PowerChute (which most APC UPS' use).
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    There is a patch concerning UPS from MS, it is included in SP1. For details check out this Knowledgbase Article :Cannot Start the UPS Service
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    In W2000 and XP the "APM" tab will NOT appear in any system running ACPI. This only appears if loaded in "Standard PC" configuration.