upon bootup of XP -> Blank desktop...No Icons... what is the fix??

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by LPDad, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. LPDad

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    I have had this in the past and I always solved it by doing a repair install of XP.... This time someone called me with the same problem and they only have a "stupid" Restore Disk...so....

    Upon booting up Windows XP everything seems to progress but we end up with what looks like a normal desktop...but without any Icons....no Icons whatsoever. Normal taskbar, etc.

    (they tried using the Restore function--but kept getting the "windows could not Restore" message)

    Short of doing a reinstall of windowsXP how can this be fixed??
    is there something messed up in the registry that can be "fixed".. or is there something that can be done in the loading sequence??

    Any and all suggestions welcome.


  2. Admiral Michael

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    Make sure that Show Desktop Icons is checked. RIght click on the desktop, select Arrange Icons By and make sure Show Desktop Items as a checkmark beside it.