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    does anyone know how to improve upload speed? what registry settings work the best? my download speed is 4mbps and i actually downloaded at 1mbps once... from good servers.. 300-500 on normal servers so i think im good there.. lol my upload is horrible..
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    The same "tricks" that work for downloading should(?) work for uploading. I don't believe TCP/IP cares about the difference.

    I really know nuthin' though about it though.
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    Not being an expert - I know the only thing COMCAST claims as far as uploads goes is:

    "Upstream speed limited to 128kbps"

    I think you will find most cable companies "claiming" the same thing!

    So, is there really any "tweaks"??

    I can tell ya this - my download speed is superfast - and I hope I will never have to go back to the dreaded "dial-up"!


    my download speed is 4mbps... my actual download speed has maxed out at 1mbps...i download at 1 mbps from a good server.. but my max upload is 33kbps.. which is approx 350k upload..
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    I been tweakin for a good while now. From my own experience and from the people that taught me:
    There are no tweaks for upload speeds.
    If your having a problem with your advertised upload speed and what your actually getting you should take some speed test results and send em to your ISP. Then call em and let em know about the problem and the email you sent em.