upgrading pocketpc 2002 - 2005?

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    i have a Toshiba e310. yes, it's weak, but i was wondering if it could handle a new operating system. Where would i find out? I've googled and yahoo'd but i guess i'm not being clear enough for it as i keep getting old reviews.

    anyone have any idea on how i would go about upgrading too? where can you buy new OS's for PDAs??
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    I think ( i may be wrong) that the OS is in rom on most PDA's so you can not upgrade the OS.
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    Not entirely true. The OS can be upgraded but the manufacturer of the device needs to make a ROM update available. When Windows Mobile 5.0 was announced Dell promised all customers that purchased the Axim v51 that they would get the 5.0 update when it was RTM.

    Being that your device is older I doubt Toshiba made a ROM update available that would push it all the way to 5.0. However, there might be an update available for 2003 or 2003 SE. Check Toshiba’s web site.

    Furthermore, you cannot purchase Windows Mobile OS. It is only made available via ROM updates from OEM's.
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    And as a footnote even if the OEM has made the ROM update available it does not mean that it will work correctly, search the HP web site for IPAQ hx4700 which they have an upgrade for but read info all the link below first.


    The above link may help.