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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Powerchordpunk, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. I have 3 PC100 ram slots. I don't know alot about memory. I know i have sdram. Can I get ddr ram or rd ram? Also, how much memory can i get in 1 PC100 slot (256 - 512?) thanks.
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    you cant get ddr or rd ram. You must get PC100 SDRAM (you should be able to use PC133, but it will only run at 100MHz). The amount of memory that you can use per slot depends on your motherboard. Which one do you have?
  3. Type of motherboard

    I have an Intel (Jabil) Pentium II Motherboard with a pentium 3 550.
  4. Lonman

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    You'll need to track down the exact make and model of your motherboard and then track down a manual for it. The manual will tell you what kind of RAM, and in what configurations, your board can take.
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    you might want to go to www.crucial.com. they have a memory
    search you can use to help you find the right type of mem.for your
    puter. Lonman is right , you can use pc 133, but it will only run @
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    u sould oc ur bus to 133 u would get an impressive boost of performance.

    ur cpu would be faster and overall system would also be more performant.

    also note that ur pc100 ram would run at sumthg like 125mhz.. theoreticly it 133 but often enough it goes up to 124-130 but ur pc133 would be @133 so hehehe bingo that is what u wanted right =p
  7. OCing my bus...

    If I were to overclock my bus to 133 from 100, would there be any negative performance issues, damage, or special precautions I'd have to take? Could I then use ram designed for 133 busses?
    Thx for the imput.
  8. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    as long as u put a divide to 1\4 theres absolutely no problem.
    i did with my p2 350 2 years ago and its still as stable as ever lol so try it.
    and enjoy! :)
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    Need Motherboard manual for Jabil Pentium II MB

    I noticed this discussion on the Jabil Torbin MB. I need some help. I recently moved this board to a new case and I can't locate any info on the wiring of new case power switch/reset/drive light from front cover to motherboard. This was in a Gateway Essential case from 2 years ago but even Gateway does not include a manual for the MB. I checked the Jabil website with no success.

    Does anyone have a manual for the Jabil Torbin III motherboard?