Upgrading issues for Win XP..adivice please

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by neo090282, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. neo090282

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    I'm putting XP on a Sony Vaio and the following issues have been brought up:

    Micro$oft NETBEUI protocal driver, am i correct in thinking this isnt needed anyway in xp??

    second is a driver for Conexant WINACHSF softmodem, anyone have any ideas where i can find this driver?

    And finally the one i'm really unsure about is the Symantic Utility Driver, i think its for the touch pad?? Any ideas???

    Help would be appreciated, thanks

  2. muzikool

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    I'm pretty sure you're right about the NETBEUI protocol, so I wouldn't worry about it. And I haven't looked for the driver that you need, but I have a Conexant modem that was updated automatically by XP without me having to find a driver. As for the Symantic (Symantec?) thing, I'm not sure about that. Are these concerns that you listed a result of running the compatibility thing (can't think of what it's called) that Microsoft provides for people considering the upgrade? If these are your only concerns, I would say that you're pretty safe in doing the upgrade. I've seen installations performed with many more concerns that ended up being fine. My advise is go for it. :)
  3. neo090282

    neo090282 Guest

    I have put XP on now and the only concern is with the modem.

    Need a Conexant - Ambit Soft56 Data, Fax, ICH Modem driver

    My Model Vaio is PCG - GR114 EK

    If that helps or is the same as yours.
  4. XP Abuser

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    if you got a vaio go to the sonys vaio support site, im sure they got all the drivers you need
  5. 2z

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    windows update has quite a few drivers on it

    might be worth a try

  6. muzikool

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    Try here for the modem, I scanned the list and saw quite a few that might do the trick.
  7. neo090282

    neo090282 Guest

    thanks for the advice chiefs