upgrade to AthlonXP?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by scriptasylum, Sep 9, 2002.

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    I currently have a Gigabyte mobo (about 2 years old) that I got with my t-bird processor. I flashed my BIOS yesterday which (among other things) adds support for processors up to 2100+. Since its an old board (uses the old AMD 751 chipset), would I really get a noticeable improvement if I went up to, say, a 2000+?

    I'm sure there will be an increase, but would it be worth it (bang for the buck)?

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    wait for a couple more months if you can

    your rig should still be pretty current for most apps..

    see what the hammer's from amd are priced at and what the new pentiums are going to be...

    if you just want to kick up the ante and put a new cpu in there... whatever you put in will be a little faster than your current t-bird which topped @ 1.4 ghz...

    the 2000+ runs @ 1.67 ghz, I am running technically @ same SPEED as a 2100+ but remember my clock multiplier is only 11.5 v.s the 12.5 for the 2100+ :) that does make a difference

    cpu's are dirt cheap... why go for the 2000+ when the 2100+ is only a bit more...
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    easier to unlock the 2000+