upgrade time again, too many choices, help.

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  1. Well I am getting paid to do an upgrade job for one of my buddys, price isn't a problem but I can only choose from the list he provided. Can you help me choose I don't realy now what will work best with what, I don't use any of the models listed below.

    I also have a stupid question of my own don't laugh: Do I need to get a ddr board to take of advantage of a video card with ddr memory or will a board with sdram be alright. Sorry I never worked with ddr befor, I am old school.

    His interest are: playing games that take alot of resources, cd burning, and watching his computer movies on a big screen.

    He's choices are:

    video card Choices:
    ATI All-In-In Wonder Radeon 7500 RTL
    MSI G4 Ti4200-TD 128MB DDR TV/DV Out; RTL
    ATI Radeon 8500LE 128MB DDR Oem
    Gainward GeForce4 MX-420 64MB DDR

    CD Burner Choices:
    CD-RW 40X12X48X Lite-On RTL
    CD-RW 40X12X48X TEAC IDE 540E/Black, OEM
    CD-RW 40X12X48X TEAC RTL

    Motherboard choices:
    MSI 6390-L KM266 S-A DDR U133 ATX
    MSI 645 ULTRA SIS645 S478 DDR ATX
    MSI 6368LAN S370 VIAPLE133 5.1 MATX
    MSI 6378 KLE133 SOC-A LAN/V/A MATX
    DFI NB72-SC i845 S-478 SDRAM ATX

    cpu choices:
    Celeron 1ghz to 1.2 ghz
    Athlon 1ghz to 1.2 ghz
    intel p4 1ghz to 1.2 ghz

    Ram choicces:
    256MB PC2700 DDR 333mhz
    512MB PC2100 DDR 133/266mhz
    512MB PC133 SDRAM

    Case choices:
    Chieftec dragon AX-01SLD server ATX
    Black directron SF-201T aluminum (www.directron.com)
    Lian-Li PC-52 aluminum

    His current rig:
    generic board super socket 7
    500mhz cpu
    ram: 768mb sdram pc133 modules
    Sound blaster live platnium with live drive
    two 40gb maxtor hard drives
    16x iomagic dvd
    Enermax PEG465P-VE 431W power supply
    usb addon card with 2 usb and 2 firewire ports.
    Intel Network Card 10/100
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    I would use the the best items you can buy.
    That would be GeForce 4
    Cd-writer Lite-On

    The other components depend upon the motherboard you are using.

    However, I would just buy a new system, because his is outdated.
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  4. Realy frmorrison, what would you recommend for the board? Remember I can only choose from the list provided. I am looking for something fast but stable that works with the all the hardware. I am leaning toward a ddr memory based board.
  5. Iceman

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    Out of those choices above I would go with the following:

    MSI G4 Ti4200-TD 128MB DDR TV/DV Out; RTL
    CD-RW 40X12X48X Lite-On RTL
    MSI 6390-L KM266 S-A DDR U133 ATX
    Athlon 1ghz to 1.2 ghz
    512MB PC2100 DDR 133/266mhz

    case is up to him, make him choose.

    But if price doesn't matter, I would get none of the above mentioned components.

  6. Thanks Iceman, any reason why you would go with the items above over the others listed? The reason I said price doesn't matter is I was already paid in adavance of $3000, so I don't think price would be a problem, But my buddy has certain fav's amd and msi components.
  7. Iceman

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    If you got paid 3,000 bucks why are you buying outdated components for? everything mentioned above except the CDRW and the cases are outdated.

    3,000 bucks would buy alot better machine then what you got listed.

    for example:

    MSI Geforce4 TI4600 128MB DDR 4x/2x, Mem Clock:660MHz, VIVO, DVI-Out - RETAIL $319

    Retail AMD Athlon XP 2200+ - 266MHz $255

    DDR 512MB 333MHz - PC2700 - CL2.5 $152

    MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU - AMD, KT333, 4x, ATA133 Raid, USB 2.0, 5P, 3DDR, 6channel Sound $124

    PLEXTOR PLEXWRITER 40x12x40 PX-W4012TA CDR-W EIDE -4MB - Retail $137

    Total is 1,000 bucks there abouts. And that ain't even the top of the line. What are you making 2,000 bucks on the deal ? Don't sound like you would be my buddy for very long.

  8. I asked my buddy why he wanted out dated stuff too, but he's very picky. Who am I too argue, he said I get to keep what moneys left over!!!
  9. you are my pal

    Hey Iceman you are my buddy, hehe. It's funny too I can be anyone I want when Im online and you wont even know its me.

    I wanted to build my friend a top of line machine but he's some times a pain in the butt and wants certain things, even if thier outdated take for instance he bought me a old coca cola machine with the glass bottles for one of my birthdays, what hell Im not into antiques but he knows I like the color red so he bought it. He's sometimes a strange fellow, but he's like family.
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    wow, perfsonally I couldn't take that much money for building a system..SPECIALLY if its for a friend. Does he know the prices out there? is he rich as hell? wow...i dunno, I would feel guilty taking more than $2300 to build it...
  11. He knows the prices out there, he's kinda rich and rather shell out 3000 to a friend then some sales clerk, besides I offered to repair or replace all componets for him if something went harry for up to 6 years since I am a certified tech. Sorry I forgot to mention that.