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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Eve, Mar 29, 2002.

  1. Eve

    Eve Guest

    I know this may sound like a completely stupid question, but honestly I haven't got a clue! How in the name of all that is holy do you find out what type and manufacturer of RAM you have in order to upgrade it? All I can find about mine is that it is 64.0MB. And as for the motherboard manufacturer, it might as well not exist, I can't find out anything about it. Is there some magical mystical place hidden deep in Windows where all this is lurking, or is my computer running (albeit slowly) by magic, having absolutely no components inside it? Can anyone help? PLEASE!!!!!

  2. MiseryQ

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    With 600 Celeron you have regular ol' SDRAM... The manufacturers' not important,,, Different brands work together... Just runout and get a stick...

    Don't get to crazy some motherboards won't take over a 256 stick... When I put my 512meg module in my server it goeas CRAZY...
  3. koko

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    Columbia, S.C.

    chances are, u have pc133 sdram. most systems support this and it's extremely common. best of all, it's cheap as hell! buy generic, not name brand. i've had 1gb of generic pc133 sdram running in my system for over 1 year with zero probs.
  4. Binary

    Binary Guest

    Why don't you just post the BIOS string that will show during boot up. This string is almost always the perfect clue to identify your board. Just enter the string (or parts of it) in a search-engine and 10 to 1 you will find not only the manufacturer but usually also the exact board.
  5. Kahuna

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    elbow grease

    I would not run out and buy PC133 RAM not all motherboard support it. Just because a system runs a Celery processor does not mean just regular run of the mill RAM will work. Some older Compaq computers had propriatary RAM. I doubt this is the case but it might be.

    You are obviously comfortable replacing your RAM I would crack your machine open (take static precautions etc.) pull your RAM stick, and see if it says anything. If you still can not figure out your RAM type throw it in a static bag run down to the puter store and ask some geek there to set you up.

    Memory is wicked cheap especially SDRAM.

    IT might be a good idea to check your motherboard specs and all that jazz to see what your board will support. I am sure its more than 64Meg though.

    good luck!
  6. Eve

    Eve Guest

    Small problem there, BIOS String doesn't show up during bootup, just a black screen with the red Compaq logo, then Windows Login Screen.
  7. Binary

    Binary Guest

    Yes, some PC show the bootlogo on startup, but when you go into the BIOS you can disable this logo. After that you should see the BIOS string.
  8. Eve

    Eve Guest

    Not on mine as far as I know, can get into the BIOS but have never seen any option to do that. Not too many options at all in fact.
  9. Binary

    Binary Guest

    It's starting to get a problem, apparently. But there are still possibilities. First of all you can try to download SiSoft Sandra from www.sisoftware.demon.co.uk/san_dem/html/dload_x86.htm. It may recognise your mainboard. And it may be able to read the BIOS identification string. If not, I have a small tool that I use in case of emergency. That's because it's in german, which is not my best language. But it will almost certainly be able to read the information about the mainboard.
    Now, I must say that I'm not too familiar with Compaq mainboards, so maybe someone else may provide info about how to get the info to determine the memory specs of these board. If so: be my guest. If that's not the case, just let me know and I'll send you the tool.
  10. Binary

    Binary Guest

    It's here to download and tryout if you want.
  11. jw50

    jw50 OSNN Senior Addict

    You can also try this:

    Go to: http://wwss1pro.compaq.com/support/parts/index.asp

    and see if this will identify the motherboard or memory type in your computer (I assume from one of your posts that you have a Compaq computer).

    If you know the specific Compaq model that you have you should not have any trouble finding all the information that you need to determine what memory modules will work in your computer. They also have forums where you can ask for help from people who are probably very familiar with the specific computer that you have.
  12. CeReAl

    CeReAl Guest

    hmm well for my comp it takes pc100 or pc133 either one lol but those are the choices for ram you have cause i have a 600celeron :p running like a 900 :D hehehe it depends on your mobo cuz some mobos can support up to 1gb of ram and some only 256mb soo use the bios thing find out?? or goto the compaq site and type in your computer number and just read the specs or even call the compaq store to find out
  13. Eve

    Eve Guest

    I know its a Compaq Presario 5BW120 if that's any help. Maybe someone alse has the same model and knows the motherboard manufacturer?
  14. Eve

    Eve Guest

    Ok, went to that site and this is what it told me when I typed in my serial number:

    106128-011 LBL, BLNK,THERMAL 4x6
    157125-B22 BMW2 TI2046B ALL
    165295-002 Mdm PCI V.90 S-uATX US
    168229-B27 Celeron 600/66 SKT128 ALL
    179549-032 CKit CPQ BMW2 UK
    180101-037 Kybd Internt LED QTZ UK
    180786-B21 CDRW 4X4X32X QTZ ALL
    180787-B22 DVD 8X QTZ EMEA ALL
    180807-B23 SM UATX W/O BD/MDM ALL
    190008-B22 HD 15G 5400 EMEA ALL
    192391-B21 PACK MC 2C00 RETAIL ALL
    199372-031 POSTER, QSP,EMEA,2C
    201746-001 LBL, CORE,BLANK 4.00 X 6.00
    203991-000 SPEC, CSL,CORE,11962 EMEA
    203991-001 CSL, MC-2.0E,EMEA
    309036-001 CM SD/100 64MB MT US
    151319-B2A OOBE v 2
    151570-B2A SourcePath Registry Fix
    151573-00A MS Word 2000 PIF
    151603-00A Win98SE
    151612-00A Hardware discovery
    151683-B2A 1394 INF Patch
    151684-B2A MS 1394 DV QFE
    151712-B2A OOBE DMI Support
    155938-00A Intel 810 and 820 chipset file
    155969-B2A DOS QuickRestore
    156033-B2A ESD USB HUB QFE
    156040-00A DirectX 7.0
    156118-B2A TAPI Dialing Rules Update
    156355-00A Win98 SE Shutdown Supplement
    156356-37A MS Works 2000 EMEA
    156374-B2A Compaq Wizard Host Online v2.6
    211519-B2A QRIA
    211598-B2A Wallpaper
    324938-00H Compaq Monitor Control Files
    352115-B2A Compaq Svc Connection (WW)
    352200-00A Compaq DOS IDE CD-ROM driver
    352232-00A Monopt.inf
    352241-00A SFC Patch
    400692-00A Q243450 ScanDisk Errors QFE

    Obviously not everything is the same, this is what it was like at shipment, don't know which is the motherboard. Anyone know?


  15. Hammerhead

    Hammerhead Guest

    If it's a Compaq Presario 5xxx series it will only accept pc100 128 MB SDRAM in each of the 3 slots, I have one myself and recently upgraded with 128 MB RAM. If it's a newer Compaq go to www.compaq.com and find the specifications for your particular model, there should be all information you need.
  16. Eve

    Eve Guest

    It's 2 years old, so I take it that means that it is PC100 128MB SDRAM, now all I have to do is get some and figure out how in the hell to install it! *LoL*

  17. Kahuna

    Kahuna Guest

    Here if your system specs.... and here is a link to some RAM that works with your setup. I hope this helps.

    http://shopping.yahoo.com/shop?d=zcrm&id=1990723131 The specs for the RAM you want are 168 pin PC100 SDRAM looks like you can only do 256 max per memory slot.

    Compaq P/N - 180505-003
    UPC - 720591377311

    Dimensions & Weights (H x W x D)
    Unit: 17" x 8.9" x 17." (25.5 lbs.)
    Package: 24" x 14.95" x 23.6" (41 lbs.)

    Free MyStyle Accent Color Kit(1)
    Includes Windows 98 Second Edition - the home version of the world's favorite software

    IntelĀ® CeleronTM processor 600 MHz
    66 MHz system bus
    128 KB L2 Pipeline Burst Cache

    64 MB 100 MHz SyncDRAM, shared memory architecture, two total DIMM slots upgradable to 512 MB (SyncDRAM DIMM required) - up to 11 MB of dynamic video memory

    Hard Drive
    15.0 GB UltraDMA hard drive(2)

    CD-ROM drive
    40X Max CD-ROM drive(3)

    Integrated Direct AGP 3D Graphics
    64-bit hardware-accelerated 3D graphics
    Video Player (AVI, MPEG and others)
    Maximum non-interlaced resolution of up to 1600 x 1200 (when supported by monitor)

    ESS Allegro Audio
    Audio CD player
    Create, organize and play digital MP3, WMA or personal CD audio files on your PC
    FM Synthesis Emulation (4)

    Diskette Drive
    3.5" 1.44 MB diskette drive

    56K ITU V.90 modem(5)

    Internet Scroll Mouse

    I/O Interfaces
    Four USB ports (2 front, 2 back)
    Serial RS-232C compatible, DB9 connector (16550)
    Parallel EPP/ECP standard centronics-compatible interface (DB25 connector)
    Joystick/MIDI/Gamepad compatible game port (back accessible)
    RJ-11 phone jacks (1 input, 1 output)
    Audio ports (line-in, line-out and microphone-in)
    Mouse and keyboard ports
    Monitor connection (VGA)

    Expansion Bays (five total)
    3.5" 1.44 MB diskette drive
    Hard drive
    CD-ROM drive
    Two drive bays open for expansion

    Expansion Slots (four total)
    One PCI slot with modem installed
    Three PCI slots open for expansion

    Compaq USB Internet Keyboard
    One-touch buttons take you directly to your favorite Internet activities.
    Instant Internet - Your personalized start page that delivers daily news and information.
    Instant e-Mail - One-touch access for sending and receiving e-mail.
    My Presario - Learn how to get more out of your PC and the Internet.
    Entertainment - The inside entertainment scoop featuring music downloads, video, Webcasts, news and reviews.
    Activity - Discover Cam, Photo and Music activities designed exclusively for Presario users. Plus you'll find step-by-step instructions that make online fun easy.
    Search & Research - Search the Web for the latest news, information, music and much more, all with the touch of a button.
    Retail Central eCommerce - Go shopping at your favorite computer store and a variety of popular retail sites at the touch of a button.
    My Program - Personalize this one-touch button to launch your favorite Web site, application or document.
    Help - Push this button when you need technical advice or help.
    Navigation Zone - Ergonomically designed for comfort, new directional keys enhance gaming and Web navigation.
    Multimedia Zone - One-touch CD controls. Play/pause, previous track & next track, volume up/down, stop, eject, mute and sleep.

    Wireless Internet Networking Capabilities
    Access and share the Internet, your files and printers from anywhere in the house with optional Compaq wireless products

    Internet AccessQuick and easy Internet access with the purchase of a Compaq Presario Internet PC
    Unlimited 2-month free trial from Compaq.NET powered by MSN
    - One master e-mail account with unlimited Web-based accounts with MSN Hotmail, 12 MB personal Web page space, 20 MB of Compaq online backup and personalized start page
    - Access to online services such as MSN's MoneyCentral, and My Presario Activity Center
    500-hour free trial from AOL
    - Seven e-mail addresses, personal Web space and access to AOL's Instant Messenger(6)

    Power Supply
    Steady-state 145 watt power supply
  18. Eve

    Eve Guest

    Jesus Christ! It must have taken you ages to type all that out! How did you know all that? Thanks very much, I wouldn't have had a clue.


    PS: Just realised, those are you specs not mine, thought you'd figured out all that from what I posted earlier. Some of it is the same, but not all. I do know that my harddrive is a QUANTUM FIREBALLlct 15 15 do you think that would make any difference?

    Also, just clicked on the "Full Specs" tab on that page and it says that it is 168-pin, does that matter?
  19. jw50

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  20. Kahuna

    Kahuna Guest

    Woops my bad. I meant 168 pin not 128 pin. Sorry about that.. i edited the evidence though.