Upgading CPU And MoBo with XP

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by gonaads, Apr 5, 2002.

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    I'm thinking of upgrading my CPU to a faster Athlon and also my Mother Board. My board won't support the newest XP or MP Athlons (running an A-BIT KT7A-RAID with an Athlon 1Ghz), not the right version and bios update won't help. But I have read that XP will stop functioning if it sees too severe of an upgrade (some sort of configuration file that's recorded by the system). I had hear that there is something you can do with the XP disk to repair or replace this config file and then it lives again. I would like to know this before I upgrade. My machine is running fine now, and yeah maybe I should leave well enough alone... but. Any help please will be appreciated.
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    Just did the same upgrade and had to call Microsoft to reactivate XP. You can't copy wpa.dbl to get around it because that's where your configuration lives Just call MS, no big deal.
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    XP will not go belly up because of a hardware change straight off.
    You are allowed I think 6 hardware changes, changing Mobo might alter 6 devices. If you have a network card, then I think it buys you an extra 4 changes totalling 10.

    A mobo change will really only affect pre manufactured pcs, as the XP installation can be tied to the motherboard, though I think that they only do this to Laptops. All you will have to do it reactivate, though you are only allowed I think 3 changes per month online, before you would have to call Microsoft and explain yourself.
    There is alot of information about the Activation procedures on the XP portion of the Microsoft site.
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    Thanks all for the info. I'll check out the microsquish XP pages and see what they suggest. Maybe I'll call them also, when I have a couple of hours to blow. Btw Waldo, how long did it take you to get through to evil empire anyway?
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    Actually got through to Mr. Gates in a very few minutes and, after having to explain to them why I was reactivating so many times, got the new code to enter. Done in 15 minutes. I like to mess with things until they break so I had done several reinstalls before the mb upgrade.