Update Rollup 1 for Microsoft Windows XP (KB826939)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by eNuffSaid, Oct 16, 2003.

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    yea....and it takes like 300megs of your hdd space. and now i only got about 200 megs left (out of (2)120GB WD1200JBs in RAID 0).
    and i was gonna download Max Payne 2.... :(
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    It's a 9,2 MB download.
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    Super :) About time it was published. Full Info
  5. yoyo

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    In case you should hope otherwise, this rollup pack does not include hotfixes for Internet Explorer.

    As example the rollup pack contains files already replaced several times by IE patches.

    Security rollup pack version 5.1.2800.1145 27-Nov-2002
    Q813489 version 6.0.2800.1170 24-Feb-2003
    Q822925 version 6.0.2800.1203 23-May-2003