unreal tournament probs..

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by New Disease, May 4, 2002.

  1. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    ok here we go.....

    A) (and most importantly) i play online and everytime i try to shoot some one it takes 1 secont befor the bullet comes out. and when i fire the rocket launcher it takes 1 secone for the rocket to show on screen this is annoying as i cant kill anyone because of this........:(

    b)it takes fricking ages to change resolution and colour depth..... (about 5 mins)

    please help me!!!
  2. Sprung

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    If you connect to someone with a slow connection or a high ping rate, you will encounter these problems. I have a cable connection with 4000+ Mbit/sec, but I still get the same problem when I connect to a slow server.

    Check for low pings.
  3. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...


    i got a "c"

    C) when i exit i have to press ctrl+alt+delete to get the game to stop running in the background and taking up 100mb ram - how can i stop this?
  4. SessedOut

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    I'd say something is very messed up. First, make sure you have the latest UT patch, version 436 I believe. Also make sure all video drivers and sound drivers are up to date. Next thing you might want to try is defrag, and some of the other "integrated system tools" like Disk Cleanup. Now for your 3 letters...

    A) As the previous poster stated, the delay on multiplayer is due to servers with bad ping times. Always go for the double digit pingers and if you must, maybe a low triple digit (like 200 or less).

    B) The problem changing resolution and color depth probably is contributed by either a low-end video card or dated drivers. Update everything.

    C) I'm not quite sure about this one. After you exit next time, go into Task Monitor and see if the CPU is running at 100%. If it is then that means its taking a hella long time to shut the game down.

    Good luck.
  5. dArK_CyAnIdE

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    well just to add a "d" or sumthg .. my UT slows to a crawl even though i get 130 fps and over... freakin annoying.. or maybe its the counter whos fooked lol..

    still i alway get over 130 avg since i got my athlon xp (ut loves amd =)
    just wondering if this happenned to you ppl cause the best solution i found is a reinstall lol we.. the cure to everything
  6. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    its nothing to do with my video drivers or card...

    and when i exit game im only using about 45%

    i have latest version of the game