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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by G|ass, Apr 20, 2002.

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    I can only play Unreal Tournament for a few minutes before all of a sudden I lose control of the game. The game stops responding to the mouse and keyuboard. I am forced to press the Windows key, right click Unreal Tournament, and close it. I tried dumbing down the game to 800x600x16 and I'm using the nVidia 2832 drivers. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Hey have you installed anything new recently? I noted from an earlier post that UT ran fine on your system.
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    possible solution

    I have my keyboard layout as alt for alt fire and spacebar to jump.
    I have found that if you hit them together on my system it freezes the system until i press alt +tab and enter.
  4. I used to have this exact same trouble, and so did my friend. I dont recall it happening lately, though I have only played about 10 games last week. Im running an MS PRo Natural keyboard with a Nostromo N50 speedpad plugged into it, with a Intellimouse Optical all jacked into (via PS2) a Linksys KVM, sharing between the 2 systems in profile and a Viewsonic G90FB. I had no commands on alt or space. (Though I DO intend to do some "experimentation" on this very subject, cramming in as many games as possible this week as I thrash my new GF4 Ti 4600, 1600x1200x32x4xAA=90FPS steady!):D :cool
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    try changing the compatibility mode for the game. switch it to run in a win98 compatible mode and see if that works
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    omg - all bow to AMDdoolbooter's specs *drool*
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    *slips and falls on face cuz he slipped in drool*
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    one day i shall be like that .... *dreaming*
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    New York
    WoW:eek: :eek: :eek: May the spec Gods smile upon you and may your framerates never know whats below 60.
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    so...G|ass.... did that fix the problem?
  11. DigitalDeity

    THanks guys!

    You made my day, hehehe. Funny thing is, Im probably about a week from getting rid of system 2 and building a 2000+XP with Kt3Ultra ARU, 512MB of Corsair 333 DDR and 2 40 Gb ATA133 maxtors. This will be my final upgrade until AMD drops the .13 micron stuff. I build, service and repair systems as a side job, and business is good around here.

    And NO, my framerates DONT go under 60 with that Ti4600. Im still drooling over it. I think its easier to frag with 100FPS @ 1600x1200x32 ;)

    I been trying to get a good picture of what my setup looks like, so everyone will understand how much the wife hates my computers. Maybe if i can get this bonehead polaroid digital to snap a decent shot ill post it. :D

    And dont forget, for you UT fans, stop by my semi-laggy cable server! Lieutenant Leadcocks Crotchshot Kingdom {GMC} Clans
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    hey amdoolbooter with kickass specs like that why would u run win me?

  13. OVerKILL

    Paritally because I CAN! And secondly, Imagine the time it would take me to go to all the forums im in, try to remember passwords and change my name. Screw it, Ill leave that ME on there.

    Ok ok, actually its because I had stuff I couldnt get working with XP (mainly my Saitek X36 for my Mechwarrior 4 addiction). Now that its all working, I use it primarily for benchmarking, ya know the old ME vs XP. And contrary to popular belief, XP benched higher than XP with comparable drivers on this machine. I was going to post all my benchmark reports but who wants to read that crap?:confused:
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    I do :D
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    your gonna build a new system? good lord, someone must have a lot of money to throw around. throw some this way please :D
  16. addiction is NOT a good thing. Beware people, thar be the devil in them thar boxes! Stay AWAY Stay AWAY!

    Oh yeah, im doing a full 3dmark2001se benchmark suite on my Ti4600, ill post them results with the GF 3 results in XP and ME as soon as im done.