Unreal Tournament Failure!!

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by GuardianAtomos, May 22, 2002.

  1. Just recently, every time I launch Unreal Tournament and attempt to connect to the list of available servers, my computer lags up REALLY bad (while the servers are being pinged) and my mouse position is refreshed every one second or so. The hard drive seems maxed out and after the first ten or so servers are displayed, the game crashes and exists immediately. I then get some error (they are always different, but contain the same basic stuff) about Tick->NetMode... and things which seems to me to be network/connectivity issues rather than display settings. I reinstalled the game many times, restored my graphics driver (GeForce2 MX 200) to its default to ensure that the card wasn't somehow messing things up, and even contacted Infogrames several times only to receive useless support. The game used to run fine. Is there any way for me to completely purge any files/registry entries related to UT and start over from a clean copy? Thanks!
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    Try reinstalling UT over the old install, and whatever patches too.