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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FourDiceS, Dec 11, 2003.

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    Ok, here's my problem:

    We have a user at work that her computer crashed and we ran the windows 2000 repair and it worked. The only problem is now the Norton Anti virus real time protection is no longuer starting at boot up. It's a easy task to enable it you just right click on the norton antivirus icon and go "Enable file system realtime protection". The problem is that thing is grey out because of security issues.

    I was wondering if there a way to unlock norton anti-virus so that we can re-enable the file system protection. I looked all over the norton website and couldn't find a thing.

    PS: The reason im asking this is because here at work we do not install applications with cds so if a application of the "basic image" is damaged I have to "reghost" the pc.

    So If I find a way to unlock this I'll re-enable the realtime protection.

    Thanks for the help and if this works out it will save me a bit of trouble.

    I dont know what version it is but it's a corporate edition (7.51)
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    You probably need to do it as the administrator. Normal users can not change those settings for security purposes. You have to be an administrator to fix that problem.
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    Even as a admin (local) on the system i cannot do anything. I found a little bit of info that the norton anti-virus config file is grc.dat. I should be able to do it from there im just not sure wich value to change...

    Thanks for your input