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    ok i have some question for my unix homework if you know Unix give me an IM at NateDavv68
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    here are the questions for ya...im stumped

    1)the command "dirname path" treats path as a pathnameand writes to the standard output the path prefix, that is everything up to but not including the last component. thus "dirname a/b/c/d" write a/b/c to standard output. If path is simple filename (has no / characters), then dirname writes a . to standard output. Implement "dirname" as a Korn Shell function. Make sure that it behaves sensibly when given values of path such as /.

    2)implement the basename utility, which writes the last component of its pathname argument to standard output, as a Korn Shell function. For example

    basename a/b/c/d

    writes d to standard output.

    3) The UNIX basename utility has an optional third argument. If you type suffix of path that is identical to suffix. For example

    $ basename src/shellfiles/prog.sh .sh
    $ basename src/shellfiles/prog.sh .c

    add this feature to the function you wrote for problem 2.