Unistalling IE 6 on XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Erazer_, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. Erazer_

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    It seems I have a problem with IE6 on my WinXP system. So I want ot reinstall it but can't as I've upgraded it to the latest version.
    When trying to do a fresh install, it stops saying "your version is newer than the one you're trying to install".
    So I try remove my version but can't find how as it's not listed in the Add/Remove Programs...
    I've looked on many Xp tips and tricks sites but can't find how to.
    Do you know that
  2. Athlon

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    There are a tech note at Microsoft that tells how to reinstall/uninstall IE6 on XP System. I don't remember the tech note number but I' sure you will find it at MS if you search.

    (You can also see my other post, I think I wrote the tech note no.)

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  3. Athlon

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    Also find how to reinstall IE - MS Tech Q304872 Unable to Install IE 6 on Win XP.
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  4. speedrayo

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    I have same problem before....so i suggest you...u can go to safe mode of win xp....then...reinstall IE6 thats will work! thats whad i did it :D