Uninstalling Media Player

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by myk88, Apr 9, 2002.

  1. myk88

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    Hi all. I'm using XP Home, and I need to try uninstalling Windows Media Player and reinstalling it to try and resolve some issues with .avi files. Anyone know how to do this??
  2. DoubleClick

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    I'm using XP Pro but I would think it would be the same:
    Go to Add/Remove programs and click on the Add/remove Windows Components and then Accessories and Utilities , then Multimedia and under that there should be a Media Player Listed there I havn't tried it but that may work.

    I'm not sure if it's Media Player 7 or the Older Style (6.4 or whatever it is, Its all i use to play media files).

    Hope This helps!
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    STOP...don't un-install yet....got to The DivX Website and download the most recent version (5 I think), it contains the codec that you need to play .avi files...if you have the codec and are havin problems getting the video and sound to sync, then tough lol...that's why mpeg is so much better, i don't care which is smaller.
  4. Cosmin

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    I had the same problem when i was trying to watch a movie and the same time netmeeting was open : the image became dark and slow motion , but why ?