uninstalling kazaa

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by u_diddy, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. u_diddy

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    has anyone else had a problem uninstalling kazaa? when i try to do it, it says it cant open the install.log eventhough its in the kazaa folder and i can open it by clicking on it! anyone have any ideas? its version 1.7.1
  2. a1ehouse

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    I've had this error with quite a few uninstall progies. What I do is rename the uninstall.log to something like uninstalll.log, then double click the uninstall icon/program. It will then prompt you for the location of the uninstall.log, just browse to your newly renamed uninstalll.log and it should uninstall for u. Let me know how u got on!

  3. Count_Dufus

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    That problem made me feel like I had a steering wheel on the end of my dick.....

    It was driving me nuts.

    That solution of yours works and I love you
  4. coolsurfer

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    thanks a1ehouse m8 useful stuff.