Uninstalling ALL NT Printer Drivers?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dlovely, Aug 6, 2003.

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    I have this one PC at work, HP Laserjet 2100 running NT. It was working fine until somebody added a 3rd tray for legal paper 11x17. Anyway the thing seems to pull from the 3rd tray (legal) everytime whether its print page or whatever. I configured each tray as follows... Tray 1&2 Letter and 3 Legal. The only way it prints from tray 2 is when I pull out tray 3. It's driving me absolutely nuts considering i've tried PCL 5e and PCL6, I'm wondering if its a software or hardware problem. I really don't want to format the PC being that it's an operators PC which has a ton of crap on it. Is there a way to blow out registry settings for printer drivers? I uninstalled all printers and it does not work, it still prints to tray 3 after i reinstall drivers.
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    The registry can be removed, provided they are still there. I can't remember the keys off hand but I did have to do this about 2 years ago...per microsofts instruction :eek:
    I am guessing this printer is slaved to the pc? Have you tried adding the same printer twice (1 printer 2 different names) and then choose your print destination for both under printing prefences.