Uninstall Windows XP HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by clapaz, Dec 24, 2001.

  1. clapaz

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    I performed a clean install with Windows XP Pro but for some reason, it didn't not erase all my old data. I think this may have caused some problems in the installation because when it finished, there was nothing was in my desktop. I did not receive any errors so I know there were no problems with the installation. Now, I wanted to format my hard drive and perform another install but I'm not sure how to do that. The only way I know how is to boot to DOS but I don't know how to do that. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do. I just want to erase everything in my hard drive and install Windows XP on it. Please help.
  2. ZipTriX

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    You can boot off the CD and format your drive that way. If you do it that way, you'll have the choice of ntfs or fat32.

    To boot into you can use your Windows 98/ME startup disk.
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    Use a win 98/me startup disk and boot into dos, (with or without cd rom support, it dont matter)
    run the fdisk command (in dos just type fdisk, it will ask you if you want to enable large disk support, just say yes) and then take option 4 (view partition info)
    take a note of this info (i.e. primary partition name and size, might be full size of HD just depends on wether the HD is split, either way it dont matter)
    Press escape and then take the option to erase a primary or logical dos partition,
    Erase the partition and then you need to remake the partition by taking the make new partition option
    Escape out and reboot,
    Format the partition that you have made by typing format x: (where x is the letter of your hard drive),
    Make sure that your bios is set to boot from cd rom and then put the disk in and reboot.....
    It will ask what you want to do so just choose boot from cd rom
    Run through the install and bobs your uncle

    If your BIOS isnt set to boot from CD rom then just press f2 on startup (or whatever the option is for your comp) and change the settings to do this (page down changes the order)

    I hope this is clear enough, if you need a startup disk or have any probs just shout

  4. clapaz

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    Thanks for all replys. I tried this originally but I couldn't not boot from the CD, I figure it won't let me. Then I realized I can go into my BIOS and change the boot options. I did this and I was able to access my DOS and format my hard drive. Thanks anyways.