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  1. This seems to be xp-erience's laugh-o-site but I post this serious question anyway because it's quite an irregular one.
    Got an email account with 12move, and want another one that I, and only I, can open & use. (I need a place to stall any literary writings that I intend to post on sites, because I was told that the date marking on emails is difficult to mess with, so in case I have to prosecute copycats, the emailprints will be the prove of the authenticity of my work. Is this right or plain rubbish?)
    12move is only too happy to provide me with as much emailaccounts as I want, but I quit the registration process halfway when I discovered that this private email adress won't be as private as I wish because I cannot click any 'private' or 'intern' option, and their helpdesk answers only prefixed questions...Has anyone a better idea of how to copyright your publications on the web? (some poetry sites do not allow an added ©-notation)
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    Got no idea how you can copyright it but can't you try different email sites.

    Mail.com is web based.
    Subdimension has pop3. I have not even had spam in subdimension.
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    i can do that but i just wonder if it makes any sense to use an email 'storage' account just to be able to put a copyright date on texts, there must be another way. Perhaps a homepage is the only watertight method to keep your properties in control. Anyway, thanx hipster doofus